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Product Compatibility


This module allows you to associate compatibility data with products of the store, by default the brand, model and year.

Compatibility data can be created by uploading a CSV or Excel file.
Tailor made solutions to load the compatibility data are also possible.

In Front Office the module adds

  • A block with drop-down lists for fields make, model and year.

Upon selecting a value for the make the values of the list for the model field are loaded dynamically in AJAX, the same is done for the values of the year list upon selecting a value for the model.

It is also possible to have a category field to display only compatible products belonging from a selected category.

After making the selection with the dropdown lists and submitting the compatible products are displayed according to the standard Prestashop list format.

  • An additional tab on the product page containing the compatibility data i.e. the


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Prestashop 1.5.*
Prestashop 1.4.*
Prestashop 1.3.*
Prestashop 1.2.*


product-compatibility_Product Compatibility Fron_Product Page.png
product-compatibility_Product Compatibility Front.png


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